Spain has the world’s most knowledgeable cannabis users, behind only Iceland and the United States in consumption rates, with ten percent of the population known to consume Cannabis (TheLocal). As stipulated in the Spanish Penal Code, the sale of Cannabis is illegal, but consumption is not. For years, the laws governing private possession and consumption have been strictly followed, and defaulters are fined and, in rare cases, imprisoned.

Decriminalized Cannabis Laws In Spain

July 2015 signalled a new beginning for cannabis laws in Spain. A change in law meant the effective decriminalization of the cultivation of Cannabis in private places. All of which was as long as the cultivation was out of sight of the public. This cannabis rule change has led to a surge in the opening of “cannabis Social clubs.” These cannabis social clubs, of which there are now upwards of 700 across the country.

Spain is home to many cannabis social clubs, some primarily recreational. In contrast, others attend to specific groups of people, and some cater to medical patients with doctors on staff to give recommendations. However, being a member is simple, as you must be

  • A legal age to consume weed (18 years and above)
  • Aware of Spanish laws on Cannabis
  • An Active Cannabis user

Spain And The legality of Cannabis

Spain has a highly complex cannabis law. While it is legal to cultivate and smoke Cannabis for your personal use, selling or dealing with Cannabis is illegal. Also, smoking weed in public places is unacceptable except for licensed private cannabis social clubs . In addition, Spain is unique in that its cannabis laws cannot reach into homes and privately owned spaces, so if one were to cultivate their Cannabis at home and smoke it at home, they would be out of reach of Spanish law.

buying weed In Spain

The only place to legally acquire Cannabis is by being a member of a Cannabis Social club. Members of cannabis clubs pay a fee for the Cannabis they intend to consume. This fee helps grow more Cannabis by the club and keeps the club running.

How Much Cannabis Can I Have ?

In Spain, it is illegal to consume or have Cannabis in public places. However, cannabis lovers and enthusiasts of legal ages can acquire or own up to 100 grams of Cannabis for personal and private use. Amongst other things, the criminal law opines that the use, production and possession of Cannabis for individual use cant be viewed as a crime.


Traveling Across State Lines With Cannabis

Moving across state lines with Cannabis is illegal in Spain. and as the laws stipulate, all Cannabis products acquired in Spain should also be consumed in Spain. Even though Cannabis is decriminalized in bordering Portugal, it is still drug trafficking to bring it across national borders.

Final Note

Spain’s cannabis laws stipulate no limit to the amount of marijuana you are allowed to possess (unless the authorities suspect or believe you are distributing). Since public consumption of Cannabis in Spain is technically illegal, purchasing from a Spanish cannabis club is an exception. However, these clubs are also where consumers buy marijuana. So if you desire to get some weed in Spain, visiting licensed weed dealers or acquiring membership status in a cannabis club is an ideal way to start.

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