All you need to know about cannabis clubs in barcelona

" Due to the legalization of cannabis for private use in private cannabis clubs, Barcelona has already established itself as one of the top destinations in the world for marijuana users.."
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  1. Select a Club from the Weed Map or From our Recommended List Below and Click on the “GET MEMBERSHIP” Button.
  2. Follow the Steps and Fill out the form to pre-register.
  3. Please wait for our Bar Code invitation on your email.
  4. Head to the club with your ID ! Show the Bar Code Invitation to the receptionist,
  5. Pay the membership fee (20 euros), and get FULL ACCESS TO THE CLUB.



IS WEED LEGAL in spain ?

It’s essential to remember that, although being safe in Spain, marijuana consumption is not allowed everywhere.

Even in Barcelona, it is not legal to publicly consume marijuana on the streets. Cannabis can be consumed at home or at a facility like a private cannabis club, according to Spanish law.

More than 250 private cannabis clubs are dispersed across Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Cannabis Clubs are a great example of how things could get better. It ensures that no marijuana is sold to kids and provides adults with a safe place to purchase their cannabis. The club also provides information on different marijuana strains and the best ways to use them. High Times Barcelona has put up a Cannabis Clubs Guide to make your marijuana smoking experience as hassle-free as possible.


what is a cannabis social club?

Cannabis clubs, also known as Cannabis Social Clubs or Coffee shops in Barcelona, are social clubs and organizations where weed, or more specifically, cannabis, is grown in accordance with the preferences of the registered members. 

There are several cannabis clubs in Barcelona, so if you try to find one, you will certainly be able to find a list of them. In Barcelona, there are around 250 Cannabis Social Clubs, however NOT ALL OF THEM WILL ACCEPT YOU!

Some private clubs deny new members, but a handful always welcomes them and they are delighted to provide services.


Age is an important element, with regulations ranging from adults of 18 to 21 years.

  • When joining a weed club, you must have a passport or other identification.
  • To join a cannabis club in Barcelona, you do not essentially need to be a Spanish citizen.
  • Membership is given only if an existing club member sponsors you or have received an INVITATION .


The majority of cannabis clubs in Barcelona provide a full year of membership. 

The majority of cannabis clubs in Barcelona provide a full year of membership. 

For over two decades, cannabis usage in private places has been legal in Spain. It is unlawful to smoke weed in public. If the authorities discover you smoking marijuana in public, they will confiscate it, and you may face a financial penalty.

You cannot attend as a free visitor or guest. You must be a member to enter a club.

Yes! Most clubs in Barcelona mentioned in the High Times Barcelona directory offer food items infused with Cannabis such as lolipops , spacecakes , gummies , munfins , cookies , honey… 

If you select any cannabis club from our directory or weed map, you won’t need to be concerned about it.

The following are some of the primary indications of a legal cannabis club:

  • They never run open campaigns.
  • They have to have you submit an application and pay a membership fee.

Yes, Barcelona’s cannabis clubs are secure against threats from both the police and criminals. The elderly, the infirm, those with disabilities, single ladies, and other people can all feel at ease and protected inside a cannabis club. Get an invitation by pre-registering at our website.

Yes, your information is 100% safe as these are Private Cannabis Clubs. They do not disclose member information to third parties and are not accessible to the general public. The club will never send you mail and strictly follows its policy of protecting your data.

Yes but at your own risk ! Remember smoking weed in only legal in a private place , at home or at the Cannabis club.


4 Mistakes cannabis club members make that get you refused entry or banned !

  1. Phone photos or printed copies of ID are not an acceptable forms of identification. In case of any such event, your membership will not be completed, and you will not be registered.

  2. You should never stand in front of the cannabis club door for a long time and never let anyone wait for you right in front of the door.

  3.  Do not visit a cannabis club with luggage, it is forbidden.  A backpack is allowed 

  4. Never fall for the TOURIST TRAP set up by street promoters in Barcelona; legitimate cannabis clubs don’t collaborate with them because it’s against the law to advertise cannabis consumption in the country. They will offer you a cheaper membership before escorting you to an illegal cannabis club or narco piso, where the goods are of extremely poor quality and are designed to rip you off. BEFORE VISITING A CANNABIS CLUB, ALWAYS CHECK REVIEWS AND AFFILIATE WEBSITES LIKE HIGH TIMES BARCELONA.

Barcelona coffeeshops opening hours

Barcelona’s Coffeeshops each maintain their schedule. Most of them are open to members from Monday to Sunday from early Morning to Late night. Yes! You can chill on Sundays as well. Just check the timings of your preferred weed Club before visiting.

Timings might differ from one Club to the next, so it’s crucial to be informed of each one’s timetable. You don’t need to call them because Google Maps displays the right business hours. So keep a check on Google Maps, and you are all settled!