frequently asked questions about barcelona weed cafes

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There is a yearly subscription fee . Prices are between €10 and €20 / Year.

It is allowed to smoke and harvest cannabis in the privacy of your own home or a certified cannabis social club in Barcelona. It becomes unlawful as soon as it becomes a public activity.

For over two decades, cannabis usage in private places has been legal in Spain. It is unlawful to smoke weed in public. If the authorities discover you smoking marijuana in public, they will confiscate it, and you may face a financial penalty.

No ! There is no short term cannabis club membership option available , clubs are not allowed to issue short term memberships.

Yes, you can be a member of more than one Cannabis Club in Barcelona. It is easier to enjoy multiple memberships as you can access any club near you! If you wish to join any Cannabis social Club in Barcelona, Fill out the form on our website.

  1. Click the “Apply for membership” button and fill out the form boxes.
  2. Enter the right first and last name (as it is in your ID).
  3. Wait for the invitation to arrive on your email .
  4. Go to the club, ring the doorbell, and show the receptionist the Bar code and the message you received.
  5. Show your ID to prove you are a legal adult (18+).
  6. Pay your membership fee.
  7. Then you go through a brief interview so the club may endorse you.

Congratulations, you have just joined a cannabis social club

Age limits range from 18 to 21 years at the least. When joining a cannabis social club, a passport or other identification is required. To become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona, you don’t have to be a citizen of Spain.

Because each Cannabis Social Club has distinct rules and regulations, the minimum age also varies from club to club. Some private Cannabis Social Clubs have a minimum age limit of 18 years, while some only permit the minimum age of 21 years.

No. Not at all! All you need is your membership card or badge and your ID to access the Cannabis Social Club of . You will only need to register one time to enter the club.

One membership is only valid for one club, and if you wish to visit more clubs, you’ll have to get the membership of each club you wish to visit.

You can pre-register on our website to get an invitation to the cannabis Social club you choose from our directory. But the registration is completed only when you visit the club and provide your ID at the front desk to confirm your legal age.

Passports, driver’s licenses, and other government-issued identification are all acceptable forms of identification.

No. You are not permitted to smoke weed openly on the streets or in other public places. However, you can use Cannabis at your home or apartment as it is considered private property and is away from the public and streets.

Yes, you can bring a guest to the Cannabis Social Club, but he must be registered and have a membership in that club as well.

Yes, most of the Barcelona Weed cafes are open on Sundays so that you can chill and relax during your weekend. Pre-register at our website and book your slots for the invitation to these weed cafes in Barcelona.

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