It may be a great and unforgettable experience to smoke Weed in several of Spain’s cities. It is not surprising that Barcelona, with its welcoming attitude toward weed, has just been called the “New Amsterdam.” Although it won’t be as open as Amsterdam itself, everyone who uses it will be able to smoke lawfully in private places.

Can i Buy WEED In Barcelona ?

In Barcelona, cannabis is decriminalized but not totally legalized. Everything you purchase must be regulated, even at the cannabis social clubs. Only accredited retailers are permitted to sell seeds. Cannabis smoking is only permitted within one’s own house or at a cannabis social club ; doing so outside might result in penalties.

There is a way to legally purchase Weed, and the system appears to support this because of the requirements you must meet. Throughout analysis of cannabis social clubs and weed usage in Barcelona will be covered in this study research.


How Many Cannabis social Clubs exist in Barcelona in 2023 ?

Spain has over 800 Cannabis clubs, with more than 250 of those being in  Barcelona. All of these clubs differ in ways that include :

  • Quantity of Weed You Can Have Each Day

Some Cannabis social clubs will allow you to take home 3grams of Cannabis daily, while other clubs could let you go home with 8. These variations depend solely on how much the club has in supply and your membership plan.

  • Membership Fees

Fees can be up to 50 euros annually, with the lower ends bottoming out at 20 euros. Unfortunately, yearly memberships are the only options you get; you have to be invited by another member.

  • Scenery

Amsterdam’s coffee shops have a bar appearance, while the cannabis social clubs have a living room feel. Cannabis Social clubs can be found in tiny two-room stores or three-story structures. The cost of membership is something to consider. Some fake clubs offer free membership, but this might lead to subsequent annoyances like poor service or expensive goods. On the other hand, cannabis social clubs are worth the price when you consider how much you’ll be taking home legally, as you might have been spending more if you went to a secondary source.

Can Non-Members Buy weed at a cannabis Social club ?

Due to Spain’s cannabis legislation, only registered members have access to the club and the items supplied; if you are not a member, you will not be permitted to enter the club or even pass the entrance. It is permissible to grow marijuana for friends, but it must be confirmed during any examination. Due to the fact that you are allowing them to cultivate your cannabis under the condition that you pay a little charge to assist with the operation, Cannabis Social clubs need members to register.

Final note

Getting cannabis in spain is easy and stress free. For cannabis lovers, enthaisists and those seeking for a once in a lifetime cannabis experience in our beautiful country then acquiring cannabis shouldn’t be a problem. provided you are of the legal age, consuming the plan for its medicinal or recreational uses getting just the ideal quantity to satisfy your needs would do just fine.

During your sign-up process, you’ll be asked how many grams a week you plan on taking from the club. The number you give isn’t a weekly requirement, so you don’t have to routinely visit the club every day. 

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Traveling to Europe for the first time has never been more enjoyable, especially for cannabis enthusiasts, newcomers, and lovers, especially now that several countries in Europe and throughout the world are considering legalizing marijuana. As a result, Spain is quickly becoming into a global hub for all things marijuana, which is promising for the cannabis industry and a boost for cannabis tourists.



Cannabis brownies are highly potent, and it’s essential to take only small quantities for starters. Also, remember that they bring about one or two hours to kick in, so be patient after consuming a brownie. So sick back, relax and enjoy the surge of THC in your system for a unique and once-in-a-lifetime edibles experience.

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