Consuming edibles in itself is an enjoyable process, especially when it is an edible of choice. If mare edibles are this lovely, imagine eating edibles infused with some of the best cannabis strains in the industry. Trust me; you will be in for a joyous and happy ride. When we hear edibles, the first thing that comes to mind is anything eatable. However, cannabis edibles are cannabis-infused products and come in varied forms.

Some include oils, tinctures, butter, and even the plant itself. In addition, edible comes in the form of cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and other foods like firecrackers, cereal, tea, coffee, and lots more.

Pros and Cons of Eating Edibles

Cannabis, like most infused edibles, comes with many advantages and disadvantages. As such, enclosed below are some of the pros and cons associated with cannabis edibles.


  • Edibles are usually delicious
  • Unlike cannabis, which can damage your lungs when smoked, edibles are void of such threats.
  • While cannabis gives a head high, edibles, on the other hand, offer more of a body high.


  • The high achieved from edibles take longer for the high feeling to set in
  • Because edibles take longer to kick in, it’s advisable to stay clear. Especially when you have driving-related commitments hours after consuming the edibles.
  • Cannabis edibles are often very costly, especially when you buy them. However, making them is way cheaper
  • Controlling the intake of cannabis edibles is a tough trick to pull off. So it is advisable to consume your preferred edible with caution.

What To Do When You're Too Baked off Edibles

The following points will provide a calming effect whenever you are very high on cannabis edibles.

  • Place yourself in a relaxed mood while freeing your mind from the day’s stress.
  • According to some researchers, smelling pepper can help curb the high gotten from cannabis edibles
  • A cold bath has also been proven to work wonders for persons high on edibles
  • Drinking water keeps you hydrated and helps flush your system of the high associated with the edibles. Remember its body and not head high
  • Having a good best rest with your eyes closed is also necessary.

Explain the Process of Digesting Edibles

While Food needs to be digested for the body to use its nutrients, edibles are somewhat similar. The only difference is the high feeling associated with cannabis-induced edibles, which kicks in some 30 minutes to one hour after digestion. The process of digesting edible begins

Step 1: The moment you begin to eat or chew up the edibles

Step 2: The Edible is then swallowed and makes its way into the stomach

Step 3: When it arrives at the stomach, the actual or secondary digestion process begins

Step 4: While fully digested, the stomach then distributes the varied nutrients received from the edibles to the different parts of the body

Step 5: When all of this is done, only then can the body feel the full force of the THC in the edible

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