When it comes to smoking cannabis, the first thing that comes to mind is rolling papers, some cannabis and a lighter to begin a once-in-a-lifetime smoking experience. Since the discovery of the Cannabis plant, man has always searched for the perfect method to consume Cannabis with the goal of mazimum satisfaction vis-a-vis the benefits of this enjoyable process.

The Art of Rolling A Joint

Rolling a joint or learning this art is the first step toward Cannabis smoking. This art is a must-learn for every Cannabis newbie, lover and Cannabis enthusiast out there. Despite the many strategies and guides to rolling that perfect joint, opting for whatever makes your joint burn smoothly and evenly is all that matters for a unique smoking experience.

Fun Ways To Roll A Joint

1. Grind The Weed Properly

Crushing the weed to get the desired texture is usually fantastic and a fun thing and process before lighting up the weed. But, first, endeavor to get an adequately dried weed to ease the grinding process. This process can be aided by using a grinder, your hands, or, better still, scissors for better results.

2. Create A Joint Filter

The filter or crunch can be gotten from local cannabis dispensaries or made at home with a business card, playing cards, or thin cardboard. Fortunately for cannabis lovers, most designer joint papers come attached with the crutch material these days. This filter helps you have an enjoyable smoking experience void of having cannabis particles fall into your mouth during smoking. The filter or crunch equally helps with stability and saves your fingers from getting burnt by the burning rolling paper.

3. Pour Dried Cannabis Unto The Rolled Paper

Smoking a joint is made easy with the aid of rolling papers. Therefore, once the paper is filled with the desired amount of weed, you can now carefully arrange the weed with your fingers to make it solid. This also helps with precision once the joint is lit up.

4. Fill The Joint With Weed

Depending on your desired dosage or quantity desired at the moment, rolling becomes the next step. To achieve this process effectively and desirably, place the paper between your fingertips and move the weed back and forth with your fingers to pack the Cannabis into its final cone shape.

5. Roll The Joint

The fifth and most exciting part of this process can either make or break the quality of your joint. Therefore, fold the detached side of the paper into the roll. Once that is handled, use the glued edge to tack down one end of the paper with moisture to trigger the glue placed on the paper.


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