Smoking hash is a timeless cannabis pastime. An excellent hash is tasty, smooth, and potent. Top-quality hash can be found at dispensaries and extraction companies. Still, simple hash preparations are also easy to make at home after trimming and handling whatever strain you love the most. Once you have procured your hash, one key question remains: how do you smoke it? From the classic hot knife to the simple cup method, here’s the ultimate guide on how to smoke hash.

How To Load A Hash Bowl

Loading a hash bowl is easy to sprinkle some right on top! You can place hash on top of the ground flower in a standard bong, pipe, or bubbler. Built to last a lifetime, with an integrated Secure-Screen System and a durable design that’s intuitive to its user, this smoking accessory is one that you’ll want in your weed repertoire. It withstands high temperatures, so you can light it up as many times as per session without worrying about breakage.

Plus, it’s super easy to clean: you have to turn it over and tap on the end to release the ash. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what a telescope is. Another cool feature the Invincibowl has is the Invincipole: it allows you to extend or retract the stem quickly and personalize your bong experience to elevate any smoking sesh.

Moving on to helping you learn how to load a hash bowl. Placing dried flowers at the bottom of the bowl ensures that burning hash embers will not be immediately pulled through your device and wind up in your lungs. Smoking hash with flowers can also slow your burn, making the experience slightly more long-lived and enjoyable. Using a screen is highly recommended if you’re hoping to skip the flower and smoke hash simply by itself. Hash is made using pressure to combine individual trichome crystals (kief). Once this product is heated, it can quickly melt. Using a screen helps keep the hash in place and prevents you from inhaling excess hot oil material.


How To Smoke Hash By Itself

While there are many ways to smoke hash, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. When smoking hash out of a pipe or a bubbler, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to stick to smaller chunks of hash. Why? As we mentioned, the hash is made from the collected oils removed from cannabis plants and compressed.

These compressed oils will smolder longer than a typical flower. If you place all of your hash in your bowl at once, you’ll waste some of your coveted product. Some consumers also use a torch lighter, not a dab torch, to light their hash. This may not be necessary, depending on the temperature in the room and how well your hash responds to a regular lighter. Ideally, you want a slow to smolder from the hash, not a quick one-and-done.

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