The cannabis industry has been subjected to growth like never before. All of these came to light thanks to the increasing popularity, acceptance and legalization of cannabis across many many nations worldwide. As such, this immense growth and popularity have given rise to many questions surrounding the different cannabis strains on offer, their uses and effects, and how to know the best strain to satisfy your needs.

Because Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa were the foundation of the existence of the cannabis plant, things changed slightly with the inception of the Hybrid strain. The Hybrid strain’s birth comes from crossing the Sativa and Indica plants. Therefore, the effects associated with hybrid strains are reminiscent of the combined Sativa and Indica effects.

Indica and Sativa strains possess similar but distinct characteristics, as we shall discuss in this segment of understanding Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.


Cannabis Sativa plants are distinct in their appearances like their Hybrid and Indica counterparts. They are tall, slender, and spiced skinny, with light green leaves sandwhiched with the fibrous stem. They strive for high humidity levels, generating an energizing and invigorating effect on the body. Furthermore, sativa strains are ideal for persons suffering from stress and anxiety. Researchers also claim that the Sativa strains serve as a panacea for headaches and nausea and improve appetite due to their high THC and low levels of CBD.

indica STRAINS

Cannabis Indica is another popular strain of the cannabis plant. They grow well in the dry, harsh climates of Middle Eastern countries. They have short woody stalks with dark green leaves and take a shorter time to develop than Sativa strains. The buds of Indica plants are also denser than those of Sativa. Unlike Sativa, the effects of Indica are more body-centred.

They cause a body high, called couch lock, because of a higher level of CBD than THC. Therefore, it’s best to consume Indica strains when you need to relax because they reduce insomnia and cause deep relaxation. Inda strains also come in handy for people suffering from anxiety, relieve muscle pain and improve sleep.



Hybrids were birth from the crossing of the Sativa and Indica plants. Hybrid strains can either be Sativa or Indica dominant or, in some cases, have equal quantities. The effects felt after consuming hybrid strains depend on the specific blend of parent strains and the amount of each strain used.

Hybrids sometimes produce head or body highs which aren’t as potent, especially when compared to Sativa or Indica. However, hybrids strains offer relaxing/energizing effects on the body.


The ideal cannabis strain often depends on the desired effects of the consumer. So before going for that perfect strain, endeavor to set your priorities straight to know whether you prefer a head high, body high, or both.

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